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Snow, a Film and Two Cats

Our search for a bonded pair of cats came to an end recently (thanks Petfinder!). More on that in a later post.

While we were on vacation in Revelstoke, B.C. recently, I stumbled upon this video. The two characters in this short film became the names for our new, ten month old felines—Asa Bear and The Toby Mouse. We selected the names after seeing their photos, but had no idea how fitting they were until after we brought them home a few days later.

This film is several years old now, but is worth watching and has a sweet message from a little boy who tells the story through the filmmaker.



Daisy Jane | 2001-2018

We said goodbye to our little "muffin" on Saturday. She gave us many opinions, specific instructions, and mostly lots of love. She came to us and left us in the same way—in a cardboard box. We'll miss her pink nose, cuddly nature, and 3 a.m. wake up calls (well, maybe not that). We love you DJ.


Cool Film about Business, Bikes and Relationships


Chasing Light Studios

Time flies when you're having fun...and when starting up a new venture. I've officially shut down Above the Din Media & Design as a business entity at the end of 2012 and have consolidated things and started what I've been wanting to do for many years.

Chasing Light Studios, Inc. is the name of our new business that is focused mostly on Photography work with some Design and Video production. View our new website at for additional details. We're excited about all the new opportunities and hope you'll take a look and choose us for all your photography needs.


2012 Tour de France

My wife went to Amsterdam a few weeks ago. I, thinking it would be a quick round trip, didn't go with her. On the final day of her trip, I get a call, "guess where we're going tomorrow? Liège!" She and few others would be taking the train to Belgium for the start of Le Tour de France. There was no way of knowing they'd go before she left, but she did manage bring back some goodies and some photos posted below.

The 2012 TDF has been fun to watch and also witness a new breed of (mostly clean) cyclists come to the fore. The racing is much different, but exciting nonetheless. Bradley Wiggins and the SKY racing team have dominated since taking over the Yellow Jersey from Fabian Cancellara and BMC after the first week. They are arguably the two best teams there this year. The Brits should also do well in the 2012 Olympics given their TDF successes thus far.

Next year is the 100th running of the TDF and it would be cool to see it up close. Vive le Tour.


Bradley Wiggins warming up before the first TT                             BMC Team Car


Happy Leap Day!

What did you do with your extra day this Leap Year? My sister turned twelve year old today and you can do the math to figure out how old she really is. Happy Birthday Sis!

You can read some additional tidbits about this unique day at the WSJ—
"Feb. 29: Your Guide to Navigating Leap Day". ATD



We had a wonderful Christmas, a somber New Years Day and some needed time off. We've been blessed with loving family members, supportive friends and great co-workers and associates. We look forward to a challenging and rewarding new year in 2012.

Opportunity awaits - Carpe Viam. ATD