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Snow, a Film and Two Cats

Our search for a bonded pair of cats came to an end recently (thanks Petfinder!). More on that in a later post.

While we were on vacation in Revelstoke, B.C. recently, I stumbled upon this video. The two characters in this short film became the names for our new, ten month old felines—Asa Bear and The Toby Mouse. We selected the names after seeing their photos, but had no idea how fitting they were until after we brought them home a few days later.

This film is several years old now, but is worth watching and has a sweet message from a little boy who tells the story through the filmmaker.



Daisy Jane | 2001-2018

We said goodbye to our little "muffin" on Saturday. She gave us many opinions, specific instructions, and mostly lots of love. She came to us and left us in the same way—in a cardboard box. We'll miss her pink nose, cuddly nature, and 3 a.m. wake up calls (well, maybe not that). We love you DJ.


The Cat in Black

Johnny Cash, our happy-go-lucky lover, succumbed to Arterial Thromboembolism on New Years Day. He was the most loving cat we've ever had and we will miss him. Thanks to the professionals at AES — they were so kind and took great care of him (and us).

We picked him up at Homeward Pet about five years ago to the month. He was scared to death the first few weeks having spent his first 8 months in a shelter. He developed his jumping legs and loved the outdoors making friends with every cat in the neighborhood including the stray ferral that still checks to see if he's around.

We're glad his pain was short-lived, and he's now lying in the never setting sun! ATD

Johnny Cash