ABOVE the Din — v2

Welcome to the latest version of I'll be posting more about the changes and some of the bits behind the scenes, but this will be the new platform and tool for posting at ABOVE the Din. You can still find the previous posts from the old site in the 'old v1 archives' section.

Thanks for reading, thinking and interacting with us at ATD


It's All Uphill From Here

The race was over an hour, so I've time-lapsed the middle, and you can scrub the timeline to 2:45 and/or 3:20 to get on with it. WARNING: POV video is a bit "busy" and may cause dizziness.

Each Fall, since 2004, we've been traveling to Boise, ID to do the BB HC race that our friend Jeremy introduced us to. While only 16 miles, it's fast and has an elevation gain of 3K feet and doesn't let up until the last mile. This year, I decided to wear my helmet cam to record some of the action (from my POV). Next year, I'll mount it on my bike making it easier to watch. Enjoy! ATD

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