Little Lambs

Every Spring, several flocks of sheep arrive in Duvall. The sheep, and their fast-growing lambs, are moved to different pastures each day, so they are hard to approach. On this particular Friday evening, they were moved to a pasture next to the access road, so we had our camera and captured them playing and chasing. The ewes were "sheepish" at first, but forgot we were even there after we posed no threat to their babies. ATD



Spring was in the air this week (albeit for a few short days) and it reminded me of this this clip I made a few years back when testing the video settings on my 5D Mark II. We're still in winter, but Spring is mounting a come-back. Enjoy! ATD


Happy Leap Day!

What did you do with your extra day this Leap Year? My sister turned twelve year old today and you can do the math to figure out how old she really is. Happy Birthday Sis!

You can read some additional tidbits about this unique day at the WSJ—
"Feb. 29: Your Guide to Navigating Leap Day". ATD


I'm Dreaming of a White...

...Birthday! It came a little early this year (not like it needed to). If I could have a present like this each year, then bring on more birthdays, early and often. Following her normal modus operandi (generous and loving), Amy got me the best present a skier could ever want — Heli-skiing at Whistler.

This is my second time and conditions were perfect. While not deep powder, the snow was soft and plentiful on a bluebird day. The POV video gives you a feel for the "heli" experience — heli–good!
While watching any video on this site, press the button on the video player after starting to watch full-screen. ATD


Snow Driving in Duvall

It's been a week filled with snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice, power outages and many days working from home (and now rain and flooding can't be too far behind). On one of the few days we ventured out, I filmed our ride home to show that we actually do get snow in the winter in lowlands...and can drive in it. ATD