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Reading, Writing and Show Me

I was listening to an interview with an English professor who has her new students each year write an essay about what they like to read and write. It's an excerise not only that takes their ability into account, but also their attitudes about the subject matter. She found that her students and their inability to write coherently, or more precisely, their lack of desire to want to read and write, was more common that ever. They were cheating themselves and finding that after college, the students weren't able to assimilate into jobs that required these fundamental skills.

I've heard anecdotes of businesses having to train new employees in communications and other skills they thought they should have by the time they leave college and enter the workforce.

The professor also mentioned that they don't read books, and if they are forced to, either via college or another situation, they find the "CliffsNotes" version or just see if there's a movie of the book that came out. I thought she was joking about that, but she was serious.

It seems our writing style is starting to reflect our technology—short lines ala texting or IM conversations (Twitter?). This story in The Atlantic shares what educators are finding out and how they are combating this trend. While this article was about students from a lower socio-economic background, the trends aren't isolated to that group.

The connection between reading, formulating ideas and being able to understand and explain them seem like foundational concepts, yet many students don't either get those lessons in school or have someone at home who can reinforce it.

I know of several educators and schools that are taking this into account and providing the necessary (and successful) tools and ideas in education that enable all types of learning. In my circle of family and friends, this is always a topic of discussion and I'm happy to find out there are many success stories.


Windows 10 - Helpful Hints

After upgrading most of our machines to Windows 10, I've had to track down solutions to some bits n' bobbles below. You might find them as useful as I did.

Taskbar won't stay in Autohide mode

Try this: ctl-al-del > select Task Manager > scroll list of processes towards bottom of list to Windows Explorer > Right-click > select Restart. Autohide should work again and taskbar should hide.

Folder won't delete

Occasionally in Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), you might come across a folder that can't be removed or deleted in the normal fashion and it also says the file and/or folder doesn't exist when you can clearly see it (even if it has a "0" file size).

Try this:

Open CMD (right-click on Windows start button > select Command Prompt (admin)) and then type: rd /s "\\?\c:\bad\folder\path " replacing with your folder path
(instead of typing, open explorer window > select folder > click in folder path in window above and copy file path > paste path into CMD window).

Example: rd /s "\\?\c:\bad\folder\path " (make sure you include the quotes and note the space before the last quote - sometimes you need the space, sometimes not - try both ways).

It should return a "delete y/n?" > type in Y to delete > do happy dance. Hat tip - cleanest method!

Safely remove leftover temp/unneeded files

To safely remove unneeded files from OS upgrades and normal PC usage, try Disk Cleanup.

Open the run window (windows key + r or right-click-window start > select run) > type "cleanmgr" > ok.

You'll see a window with a few options to check - read the description for each one and decide if you need those files. Also select button > Clean up system files > similar selection process. You can save disk space this way, especially after an OS upgrade.*

*Please note that you should never remove any files you might need, so read carefully and double-check your work before removal. Downgrading your OS can be one feature lost to the above.

These are a just a few of the many solutions that have helped me in transitioning to Windows 10. Hopefully they'll help you. Ymmv, depending on OS and your specific setup and situation.


One Creative Circle

If there's one constant in life, it's change...and there's been a lot of it lately. My focus has been on my company, Chasing Light Studios, which has been a great pursuit, and given me access to people and experiences I'll always remember. During this time, I've also deserted my ATD blog. I thought it was time to get back to it and write and explore, even only for self-improvement. It's also as a way to stay current and do more long-form writing and connect with things I love. There's usually more to share than what's available with 140 characters or less.

Even though I've planted many seeds with my photography business, I have worked on several client design projects and will continue to do more design-based projects as as part of my creative offerings at CLSI (just started a new project at Microsoft). The Garden continues to grow!

When I look back on when my design career began and working as a creative to this point, it's amazing how many twists and turns I've gone through. Many of the companies I've worked for went through a merger (or two), or were acquired, leaving a trail of people and projects in their wake. Companies don't last as long and project timelines are even shorter. That's just the reality of things.

I've learned much during my tenure as designer/creative/learner and hope to continue to work with companies and projects that align with my skills and work with more great people I continue to meet along this journey.


Chasing Light Studios

Time flies when you're having fun...and when starting up a new venture. I've officially shut down Above the Din Media & Design as a business entity at the end of 2012 and have consolidated things and started what I've been wanting to do for many years.

Chasing Light Studios, Inc. is the name of our new business that is focused mostly on Photography work with some Design and Video production. View our new website at for additional details. We're excited about all the new opportunities and hope you'll take a look and choose us for all your photography needs.



Footage usually reserved for cuts, fills and transitions – the footage that provides context and texture for the main feature, is commonly referred to as "B-roll". On a recent bike ride through the Snoqualmie Valley, many of the things I saw as I rode – birds, squirrels, horses, cows, falling leaves, the river and other trail users – are often taken for granted or ignored. Often, the "b-roll" is some of the best stuff on our journey.

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We recently returned from a cruise to SW Alaska. It was the first time both to Alaska, and on a cruise ship. We left a beatiful Sunny Saturday in Seattle and knew within a few days we'd be experiencing March in Seattle. Why did we go to Alaska when Seattle was in full summer bloom? Some photos will help.

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