Footage usually reserved for cuts, fills and transitions – the footage that provides context and texture for the main feature – is commonly referred to as "B-roll". On a recent bike ride through the Snoqualmie Valley, many of the things I saw as I rode – birds, squirrels, horses, cows, falling leaves, the river and other trail users – are often taken for granted or ignored. Often, the "b-roll" is some of the best stuff on our journey.

I recently participated in several photography workshop in Missoula, MT at RMSP. They offered exposure to work/shooting scenarios and situations using various model and lighting setups that was invaluable as I build my photography business.

The workshops themselves were just part of the overall experience. Many other aspects of that experience included:

Seattle to Missoula - the Drive

Living geographically close to Missoula allowed me to drive there and take in a few stops along the way that I would've otherwise missed. During one of our session assignments, I drove to some out-of-the-way places and met some great people who told me about themselves and how they ended up in Missoula. They were all very gracious and agreed to be photographed as well.

Workshop Participants

There were all types of individuals who came for the two workshops. There were wedding and Hollywood studio photographers, documentary and sports shooters, and everything in between – each with their own story and original style.


After living in Missoula for about 12 days, I was almost a local. Missoula has a "weird" mix of hippies, ranchers/farmers, local business owners and just folks on their way to some other place. It also has many of the staples most towns have including a Costco, REI and a couple of small malls. Unfortunately, it also had a lot of smoke that was blown in from fires in neighboring Idaho. It made for some beautiful sunsets, but was hard on the lungs.

I'm grateful for this opportunity to participate in these workshops that will help pave the way for new opportunities and help support my photography career. Take time to enjoy and learn from the "B-roll", the spice, the environment around us.

"...the point of the journey is not too arrive."
Prime Mover, Hold Your Fire, RUSH

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